Indonesia is known as one of the leading economies in Southeast Asia with an annual growth of 5% which has been going steady since 2000. This means that year after year, customers are increasingly willing to spend more money on products that not only enhance their daily lives, but also to complete it. This, when paired with the fact that the economy keeps growing, means that general consumer goods in Indonesia is quickly becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the country.

About Us

Founded in 1980, PRP Group is a well-established producer of general consumer goods. With almost half a century of experience in our craft, we continue to operate on our founder, Mr. Bandi’s vision of producing great quality products that can compete in both the domestic and international market.

Based in Tanjung Pinang, PRP Group is in a very strategic location within the Riau Islands to produce and distribute our products at a relatively low cost while maintaining high quality to ensure that our customers and partners receive nothing but the best products possible.


1953 - 2002


Started as a traditional retail store named “PANJANG BARU” by our founder’s father, Tjung Goei Heng, in Tanjung Pinang.


Our founder, Bandi, was inspired to run a factory, PT.Panca Rasa Pratama, to produce soy sauce and vinegar with the brand name “POHON PINANG”.


We enter the tea market. Creating the PRENDJAK tea brand. Registered “PRENDJAK” bird as our logo. The Prendjak bird is a symbol of good luck and sincere welcome to guests.


We opened our rst PERTAMINA petrol station.


Changing from a retail store “Panjang Baru” to an Official registered company PT. Startmara Pratama. Growing to a national distribution company for consumer goods.


We expanded our business to wider areas such as Tanjung Balai Karimun & Tanjung Batu.


We built the Cammo Industrial Park in Batam. Expanding into the property sector.


We expanded sales and distribution across the national. Set up distribution company PT Pan Baruna in Pekan Baru.
2004 - 2022


We expanded the business with service offerings, providing logistic/transportation services specialized for petrol and LPG.


Moved into our new headquarters. All subsidiaries were merged, to what is now known as the PRP Group.


We opened grocery stores and mini markets called ISANA. Which later evolved into the largest chain of mini markets across Tanjung Pinang.


We expanded a wide range of products. Beverage brand name “CANBO” was launched. We had also entered a new market by establishing SPPBE, a station f lling and distribution of LPG (Liqui d Petroleum Gas) tanks, under PT. Dima Indraya.


We entered a new market. Producing healthy and high quality Demineral Drinking Water with the brand name “RAVEL”.


Added a new range of product to our portfolio Launches Instant Prendjak Teh Tarik and Prendjak Matcha Latte.


PRENDJAK ASIAN BLACK TEA was launched in to the market with a wide range of avors.


Proudly presented a new brand, “OVKOS”, an energy drink that aims at health-conscious consumers.

Vision & Mission


  • Committed to provide outstanding and premium products,
  • To be admired for its brands, and become one of the leading manufacturing company that meets global standards


  • To create quality products
  • To conduct our business in environmental responsibility
  • To provide superior quality of essential products to communities
  • To ensure providing excellent customer services and to meet our customer satisfaction
  • To provide affordable products to a wide range of customers.
  • To create differentiated products
  • To provide value added to the customers, colleagues and the communities where we work. And enhance ancial rewards to our economy




Quality Control

Quality Control

Technologically Forward

Technologically Forward



  • Better taste
  • Innovative
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Made from select ingredients
  • Made with technology to ensure competitive pricing


We here at PRP Group have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our products are produced carefully through selected ingredients to ensure quality for our customers and partners. We have also procured the latest technology to ensure that all of our products can be made at an affordable price so as to not keep it out of the reach of the average consumer, allowing them to enjoy a product that is of a significantly higher quality, yet remains relatively affordable for them and their families.

With all of our products ranging anywhere from tea, soy sauces, mineral water, and fruit drinks, we ensure that all of these products are carefully inspected and produced before going into store shelves to ensure that the quality is up to par.

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