Our Process

Our Process

Our factory prioritizes cleanliness, quality, and safety in producing all of our beverage products. It starts with the selection of high-quality tea ingredients, carefully maintaining the humidity and cleanliness of the room to prevent contamination. The storage duration of the ingredients is also tightly monitored until the tea reaches the packaging stage. Therefore, we proudly present high-quality local products, with ingredients sourced from the archipelago for the archipelago.

The same dedication applies to our De-mineralized water, where our bottled drinking water undergoes 26 stages of filtration to purify its contents, ensuring the excellent quality of our de-mineralized water. All our products have undergone lab tests in Singapore, meeting the standards of both Indonesia and Singapore. Attached is our certificate as proof of our commitment to maintaining the quality of our products.

The process of packaging tea
The packaging process of bottled water

Our Certificate

Certificate of Lab Test from Singapore
SNI Certificate
Halal Certficate

Logistic & Distribution

  • Planning
    Determining the items to be sold and aligning them with consumer needs.
  • Organization
    Assigning responsibilities for arrangement, storage, and the shipment of goods to distributors.
  • Supervision
    Overseeing the shipment process and checking goods until they reach distributors in various areas.
  • Procurement
    Ensuring that logistics stock is available to meet existing needs.
  • Recording
    Documenting logistical data such as the availability of goods and items already dispatched to distributors.
  • Storage
    Managing logistics warehouses, including recording inventory, receipt, storage, and distribution of goods.
  • Maintenance
    Conducting maintenance on the condition of products in logistics warehouses to ensure their proper upkeep.
  • Performing deliveries to national and regional distributors.
  • Distributors prepare shipments to various outlets.
  • Ensuring smooth and seamless delivery to outlets.
  • The following are some of the stores that have collaborated with us to distribute our products.